Architectural Plans
Our comprehensive architectural services include conceptual and schematic design, design development and construction documentation. We are best known as the leading architects and interior designers in Hyderabad, and not by our name Pentagraph.

Informed by experience gained over a decade, we believe in the importance of client-orientation. The client as an essential contributor in this process is always at the center of our operations. By listening to our clients, we help them to communicate their vision and realize their goals. The result is a unique design, tailored specifically to our client’s needs.

Here is

how we work

Project Start and Site Visit:
We will walk through your site to better understand its location and size. Share us your project ideas, needs and goals.

Conceptual and Schematic Designs:
Based on the feedback or inputs we received in our project introduction meet, we will prepare preliminary designs based on your budget and requirements. We will sit with you to discuss and explore various possible design options that might sound beneficial to you.

Refining the Designs:
Upon your selection of a particular design, we would refine the same to further arrive on a more precise clarity with regard to scope and quality of the project vis-a-vis costs/budgetary elements.

Plans/drawings in conformity with Government standards:
Based on GHMC recommendations, we would provide a perfect/realistic view of your site plans using our 3D services to help you get faster approvals.

3D Rendering & Animation
Visualize in real with our state-of-art digital technologies. Now you can expect your projects come to life with our 3D offerings that include Walkthrough Animations, Architectural Visualizations and Architectural Renderings.

3D Technology helps architects, civil engineers and builders understand how a site looks like during construction and after construction, identify design errors early and rectify them. Also, it helps to modify or incorporate any changes to the design. This saves lot of time, money and effort.

Before you venture into something big with your piece of land, utilize our following 3D services that will guide you with during and after-construction scenarios much before the first stone is laid.

• Interior Still Renders
• Exterior Still Renders
• Layout/Landscape Renders
• Walk-through Animation

3D Interior views:
Provides you precise details of the interior layout with regards to flooring, walls, elevations, roofing, tiles, texture, colours, furniture placements etc.

3D Exterior views:
Understand how your building looks like with elevations and also gauge the impact of natural and artificial lighting on the construction site.

Virtual tours:
Help you scan the entire construction environment/site anytime, anywhere. These tours showcase everything from the floor plans to any other specifications/facilities of the site and may also include photos and sound effects with narration.

3D Walkthroughs:
Provides a film-like view of the entire environment covering all aspects of the architectural design be it interiors or exteriors. Like in virtual reality, with advanced rendering software you can have a real feel of the place; walk through different sections of the construction site etc.