In today’s world, everyone wants to become an Adventurous owner of a house, office building, shopping complex, apartment, restaurant etc. Isn’t it? It’s everyone’s dream to make their home as a palace. There are cases where some people buy or construct a house spending lot of money, but regretted for not planning the interior designing properly. It is very crucial to plan the interiors properly which makes a home a ‘sweet and dream home’.

Home should give relaxation to the family members e ither coming from hectic work or heavy traffic. Office or restaurant should give a pleasant environment to employees and customers. Everything including lighting, colours, walls, room layouts, cupboards, gardening essentials, accessories plays an important role in the above and are highly desired to gain and improve customer base consistently in business world.

  • Site inspections
  • Assess customers’ requirements, interests, budget and priorities
  • Space planning, research and provide alternatives in best buys for every budget
  • Furniture planning for traditional as well as trendiness
  • Guidance in planning multi-purpose rooms
  • Assist in choosing paint colors and estimate amount of paint for each room
  • Help customers to choose perfect lighting
  • Make the customer on spice up a boring room using accessories